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Home Golf Instruction The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The Rotary Swing and the instruction provided by Chuck Quinton is the way to go… period. I have taken lessons from professionals my whole life and have never really noticed any improvement after any of them. Always hitting the ball the same and shooting the same scores.

Every year I have the same goal in mind…to work my butt off to break into the single digits and this year was no different. I started this golf season with a handicap of 10.6 and worked on my own and got it down to a 9.0 around May. I then decided that I can get even better and went to a local pro for a couple of lessons and immediately the wheels began to fall off and before I knew it the handicap was a 10 again with the possibility of going higher because I was now a mess obsessed with tinkering and freaking out. Then I found RotarySwing.com and hooked up with one of the long time members who I found out lived not too far from me. 

Through the site and the help of Bob34 I was able to get a grip on myself and calm down and start to really understand the golf swing and my playing leveled off from the upward climb. Then the first week of October I had my first one on one lesson with Chuck Quinton and things have just been incredible ever since. I am much more consistent and can now go several rounds without losing a ball (that saves me a lot of money!)  

Well…The golf season is now officially over here in Virginia. As of December 1 I can no longer post scores into the handicap system until March 2009. And since my lesson with Chuck Quinton in October my handicap has dropped 2 full points to 8.0! So boys and girls this guy can say that the Rotary Swing revolution is without a doubt the best golf instruction I have ever experienced… the proof of the pudding is in the eating…and this pudding tastes damn good!


Handicap Index History:































































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10 Responses

  1. hayes959

    “Oh, give us some figgy pudding. And, we won’t go until we get some!”

  2. Greg Lee

    I’ll be needing you to play to a bout a 2 this weekend partner.

  3. secondary

    So what happend over the weekend with you and Greg?

  4. mship

    We all collectively did not score well but had a lot of fun anyways in 45* weather. I can’t speak for Greg or Bob but although I scored poorly (88 YIKES) I was not distressed because I had 6 bad shots on 5 horrible holes where I was 16 over (YIKES again.) Yup 2 quads, 2 trips and a dub. 13 holes at even par so I look at the 13 holes at par and call that improvement b/c 3 months ago after going trip-quad I would have shot a 100.

  5. mship

    Oh…and that score doesn’t get posted :-)

  6. secondary

    I call making around all 18 in 45* a success. The score is irrelevant. Looks like your timing is going to work out well this next week bud!!!

  7. mship

    You know it is but I can’t stress enough that I only hit 5 bad shots the whole round. 2 snappers OB off same tee box and 3 others into hazards (this is the first round I lost a ball in like a month, guess I had to catch up :-) other than those five shots I felt I hit the ball like a stud. 13 pars would have been better if I could putt…missed a 4 footer for bird on one hole and lipped out several others from around 15 feet.

  8. D

    Does anyone know when RS 2.0 DVD is coming out?

  9. mship

    I would guess not until after the new year sometime because Alison’s website will not even have any info until January.

  10. Bob

    Mike, now that you’ve had yet another lesson & have learned some of the 2.0 stuff, I’ll bet your handicap is going to come down even further. Mine is going down to 3 this year minimum. Are you gonna keep up? :)

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