397 Yard Drive Today – 13th at Sugarloaf Mountain

It was a cool day today, around 60 degrees this morning and windy. The 13th hole at Sugarloaf is a hole that is flat until around 250 yards and then starts going downill a bit until around 300 yards where it starts to significantly go downhill. It’s a 507 yard par 4 that was playing downwind. If I hit a good drive here, I’m typically about 200 yards out and hitting a 7 iron because the second shot is where the hole really starts to play downhill. Not today 🙂

After giving some lessons and hitting a couple balls, I went out to the 13th to play a few holes. We’re overseeding the range right now, so Sugarloaf is on a temporary tee box where we can’t hit drivers on the range, so I wasn’t warmed up very well. I decided to go this hole and hit my first drive of the day. Not being warmed up, I took it pretty easy, I thought, and smashed a drive. Zero effort, didn’t feel a thing and it was as straight as an arrow. Knowing I hit it well, I went to my “usual” spot in the fairway but my ball was nowhere to be found. I saw something shining down near the bottom of the hill about 100 yards away, but my eyesight’s not that great, so I couldn’t tell what it was. When I drove down to the bottom and realized it was my ball, I was STOKED! Hey, I still get excited about smashed tee shots! I found the closest sprinkler head that read 120 to the middle of the green and I was 10 yards ahead of it for a total of 397 yards off the tee! The pin was upfront to boot, so I hit a lob wedge to the hole. Not bad, driver, lob wedge to a 507 yard hole. It was downhill and downwind, but still a poke and 100 yards longer than normal for me, so I’ll take it. There might be something to this Rotary Swing 2.0 stuff. 😉 Did I mention I felt no effort?

Rotary Swing 2.0 – Lesson 1

So, I’ve been working on the Rotary Swing 2.0 concepts into my lessons and wanted to share with you some video of the first official “Rotary Swing 2.0” lesson that I gave. He is a high handicapper, as evident by the first two baseline swings you can see in the video. His posture at address had him way out on the balls of his feet with a very rounded spine making it impossible for him to swing in balance and make decent contact. After 15 minutes of work, I think you’ll be impressed by the change in his posture, swing and balance.

Now take a look at the video: