Hindsight is 20/20 in Golf

Today, I’m working on another view after Alison requested a swing of mine from this angle. This is a great angle to see just how the key muscles of the backside to the Rotary Swing 2.0 are working. I have some really bad habits in my golf swing that I’m learning to break with Alison’s Motion Memory training and am still making my 300 hundred swings per day. But, I’ve started adding some speed to what I’m doing and I’m looking at my swing from more than just face on now.

In the swing below taken from the rear, you can clearly see how my lower body is not only braced going back, but also I’m using my left side more actively to clear out. My bad habit is to “push” as Alison calls it with the right side and over power my left. This causes numerous problems, one in particular is to get your head and body too far out in front of the ball and come too far from the inside. Here, I’m staying back better and using my left side better.

I’m most pleased with my transition here as I’m working to get it to happen earlier in my backswing and that work is beginning to show. If you step through frame by frame by dragging the slider (hit play first and then pause it) you can see that I’m actively setting my weight to my left side and beginning to use my glutes and core muscles to unwind me from my backswing. This is a powerful and dynamic move that is the secret to power, and as you’ll see in my next post, I’m already starting to experience some stupid power with no effort.