Rotary Swing 2.0 Takes a Turn to Revolutionize Golf Instruction

Last week, I spent four days working with Alison Thietje of Motion Memory Golf in St. Louis, MO. Alison and I had been talking about teaming up because our ideas of the swing are so incredibly similar, but approached from two different angles. I’m primarily concerned with sending the ball to the target with the proper compression, trajectory and shot shape and have developed a swing model that allows golfers of all levels to do that using the body as the primary mover in the swing. Alison is primarily concerned with how the body moves in the golf swing from a medical and biomechanical perspective and uses neurokinetics to engrain “muscle memory”. Put the two together and you have a match made in heaven for golfers.

As a golf instructor who has always advocated the use of the core to power the golf swing, it was very exciting for me to work with someone who could explain the exact “How” to my “What and Why” in my swing model. Alison’s teaching model she has developed is unlike anything else in the market place and fits perfectly with ALL aspects of Rotary Swing, including the “Mushin Golf” mental aspects and this has prompted us to look into moving further down the road with introducing a product to the golf market unlike anything ever seen before. We plan to show the golf world at large the irrefutable biomechanically correct way to swing a golf club that will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The swing model is still very simple, in fact, even simpler, but there is a very specific way that it must be learned. In order to best present our ideas to the world, we are looking into producing a DVD or set of DVD’s that will completely change your understanding of the golf swing, so stay tuned as we get closer to this momentus occasion in golf instruction!