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Increase Golf Swing Speed by 10% or More in 5 Minutes

Truly, one of the most important set of videos and articles I’ve ever published on this website, I consider these 2 videos to represent a huge piece of the secret for most golfers who want to increase club head speed. Swing speed is an enigma for so many golfers; they just can’t understand how to swing faster no matter how hard they try. For students who have come to me with this problem, I’ve used several drills over the years to bump their swing speed up immediately 5, 10 or even 15 mph in a matter of minutes with these two simple swing speed drills.

The Throw the Ball drill is key for sequencing and learning how to use a proper positive action of the right arm. The Right Arm Only Downswing drill is key for learning synchronization with the right arm throughout the swing and how to properly use it to increase swing speed.

In these two videos, I use a student named Josh who now works for RotarySwing.com as my test subject. Working with Josh for about 2 minutes, his swing speed went from 110 mph to 118 mph in only two swings. If you think you’d like an extra 25 yards in your game, read this swing speed article today!

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