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Tiger Tries to Correct the Pull (2012 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM)

Well, it appears Tiger is listening and read my post last week ;-) As I told everyone last year when Tiger first started working with Sean Foley, his misses were going to be very specific and I described in my last post how he could fix them. Watching him at the 2012 Pebble Beach Pro-Am today, it’s clear he’s going the route of trying to change his release which was really the one of the least desirable options.

Right now, Tiger is setting way left and trying to cut everything back to the right by delaying the release of his hands. Now, it’s possible he’s hitting everything left to right because that ball flight fits Pebble well. But I suspect he’s trying to fix his miss rather than just try and change his release for one tournament, but we’ll never know. In any case, setting up at the left rough and then hitting cuts, which has lead to quite a few wipes that go nowhere (240 yard 3 wood off the tee earlier in the day) is quite a big compromise that will come with consequences.

As I mentioned, the weak wipe that spins a ton and floats up and to the right is going to happen, but worse, is when he doesn’t hold off his release enough or he actually does release the club properly that ball is over everyone’s head in the gallery left. One other side note to mention that is exasperating this issue is Woods has way too much shaft lean now at impact. A part from giving him an angle of attack that tends to be too steep, having his hands that far ahead at impact leaves the face open. While it will help him hold the face open enough to hit a cut, when not timed properly, he’s going to come down steep and wipe it short and right.

Good Luck Tiger!

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