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Golfers Wanting Connecticut Golf Lessons Near Middletown Will Learn the Perfect Swing from an Instructor that Completed Rotary Swing Golf Instructor Training

Aaron Mannes, who provides golf lessons in Middletown, Connecticut, has passed the first Rotary Swing Tour (RST) Golf Instructor Certification course and teaches the safest, most efficient swing humanly possible.

Middletown, Connecticut | February 24, 2012—Aaron Mannes became the fifteenth instructor to earn Level 1 RST Golf Certification on February 20, 2012.  Mannes is the second teacher in Connecticut to complete RotarySwing.com’s golf instructor training program.

Mannes has rebuilt his swing using the RST system, cutting his handicap by more than eight strokes and getting low into the single digits.  His students will thus be afforded the chance to work with an instructor who fully understands the journey they’ll be on as they begin to improve their swings.

In addition to learning “the building blocks to build a repeatable, efficient swing” using the online RST golf instruction videos at RotarySwing.com, Mannes understands the tremendous benefits of getting expert eyes on a student’s swing.

“As I progressed in the RST, nothing helped me more than my in-person lessons and online lessons to point out what I was missing,” Mannes said.

Mannes joins nine other instructors in the United States and five more internationally who have been certified in the two years since the program’s inception.  The speed at which Rotary Swing Golf Instructor Certification is spreading across the globe is not surprising to the company’s founder, Chuck Quinton.

“The bulk of our business originates from our strong web presence at RotarySwing.com, which doesn’t limit us to any geographic region,” said Quinton.  ”Combine that with an online golf instructor certification process for our level one training that meets instructors’ needs for affordability and convenience, and I expect to see RST Certified Instructors everywhere golf is played.”

Quinton indicated that the golf instructor training program has received significant interest since it launched in February 2010 and is excited about the opportunities ahead for his business as well as for the RST Certified Instructors.

“The RST golf instructor certification promises to be a great vehicle for growth, not just for RotarySwing.com, but also for instructors teaching our methods,” said Quinton.  “The mutually beneficial nature of our certification program promises to drive its success.”

In addition to providing objective, scientific facts about golf instruction and the swing to improve golf coaching techniques, Rotary Swing Golf offers Certified Instructors promotional benefits to boost their revenues.  These golf instructors realize significant visibility through listings on the heavily trafficked RotarySwing.com, inclusion in weekly email newsletters to thousands of golfers, and postings on social media like Facebook and RotarySwing.com’s Golf Forums and Golf Instruction Blog.

“Not many golf instructors have websites that pull in thousands of visitors each day,” Quinton said.  “We can help them get their names out to potential students without spending a boatload on web design, search engine optimization, and online advertising.”

Ultimately, though, an instructor’s success comes down to the quality of golf instruction provided, and Quinton went to great lengths to ensure only the most knowledgeable golf instructors will earn certification.

According to the RST Golf Instructor Certification Level 1 page on RotarySwing.com, “The information that must be learned just to pass Level 1 requires on average 100 hours of study on swing mechanics, physics, anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and more.”  The website indicates that these fields represent “many disciplines typical golf instructor training neglects.”

For more information about RST Golf Instructor Certification, visit www.RotarySwing.com/rst-certification.

A link to the RST Certified Instructor listings, where Aaron Mannes’ bio and contact information for scheduling golf lessons in Middletown, Connecticut, can be found, is also available on that page.

About Rotary Swing Golf

Rotary Swing Golf, LLC, was founded in 2006 by golf professional Chuck Quinton and is one of the world’s leading providers of subscription-based online golf instruction via www.RotarySwing.com, www.OnePlaneGolfSwing.com and www.RotaryGolfSwing.com.  These websites offer more than 200 instructional videos, totaling over 20 hours of content, much of it available in high definition and on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  In addition, Rotary Swing Golf’s websites offer free swing reviews for Premium Members, a slow motion golf swing analyzer, a podcast, golf training aids, online golf lessons, club fittings, and the new Online Learning Groups service.  Quinton has authored two books:  The Rotary Swing golf instruction book that has sold thousands of copies worldwide, and the Rotary Swing Tour Instructor Certification Manual – Level 1.  He has also produced the instructional DVD series Swing Plane Made Simple and Short Game Made Simple.  More recently, Quinton founded the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at West Orange Country Club near Orlando, Florida, and was the Teaching Professional at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado during 2009.

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This went out via Free-Press-Release.com on February 24, 2012.  You can find the FPR version here.


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