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Mind Getting In The Way

I’ve been making a lot of progress lately that I have been very happy with.  Using my core in the golf swing has completely changed how I swing the golf club.  My contact has improved and my distance has gone up a few yards with the irons.  I have trouble bringing the same swing to my fairway woods and driver so I haven’t seen the same results with those.

After playing well with Chuck yesterday shooting 1 over par for 9 holes I was excited to get out today to play.  During our session on the range Chuck was having me stand a little farther away from the ball at address with the driver.  He was showing me what it looked like on tape and I caught a glimpse of my full swing.  I wanted to vomit to say the least.  My plane was so inside and flat and got across the line at the top.  When we went out to play today, I was so worried about my plane and swing path that I forgot how to actually play.  I was striking the ball solid when I wasn’t worried about how my swing looked, and the minute I began to worry about it is the same minute my game started to suck.  The defining moment of the round we played today was on the second hole where the last place you can go is right and I was so wrapped up in my swing plane that I sliced the ball 50 yards right into a pond.

After the lesson I asked Chuck to never show me a video of my swing again.  It just messes with my mind.  I will leave the swing analysis to him.  This round just helps me to see what I really need to work on in the next few years, my HEAD!

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