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Pat Shoots 1 Over…

While it didn’t break any course records, I am very proud of Pat’s very rapid progress since we hit the road running hard about two weeks ago. In this time, we’ve made significant changes to his golf swing and he’s worked hard at implementing them. During our regular 9 hole playing lesson yesterday, Pat shot 1 over with only one bogey. The bogey he made was dumb one and he was promptly corrected for it! He had to chip out of the woods on the first hole and chipped all the way across the fairway and put himself on a downhill, sidehill lie when he only needed to chip it about 15 yards to a nice flat spot that was closer to the hole. The rest of the day he got up and down very well to save par and hit several Tour caliber shots into greens. He hit several iron shots to within 10 feet and missed all the birdie putts.

I was particularly excited about his ball striking with his irons. It has come a long way in a very short period of time. His ball flight has really improved and his consistency is 100% better over just 2 weeks ago. You couldn’t expect or ask for anything more. Here’s a pic that demonstrates his recent progress. Normally, Pat would get his well out in front of the ball at impact and he would generally block it from here. He now stays behind the ball much better and gets into a very good impact position. He still has a tendency to get out in front, but when he doesn’t he hits it very well.

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