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Home Golf Equipment Matrix Shafts Help McNeill Pick Up 16 Yards

Matrix Shafts Help McNeill Pick Up 16 Yards

Settling in on our tried and true Nakashima Htec head with the Matrix XCon5, Greg McNeill picked up 16 yards of CARRY on average over his higher spinning Wishon/Harrison combo. Greg plays at Lake Nona in Orlando and you don’t get much roll out there unless you bring the ball in on a shallower angle of descent. The nearly 3,200 rpm’s of spin from the Wishon combo would carry on average 238 yards, but would get no roll and had a bit more sidespin than the Matrix shaft. Using the Matrix XCon5 with the Nakashima HTec 9.5 head, we dropped his spin rate almost 800 rpm’s to 2,400 and also cut his side spin rate by more than half. This is the difference between a slice and a gentle fade. The XCon5 tip stiffness allows you to mishit it and still put very low sidespin on the ball. This coupled with the MASSIVE jump in ball speed of 5 mph leads to about a 20 yard increase in total distance when roll is added in. Lower spin, higher ball speed, more distance!

FlightScope data from McNeill's driver fitting with Chuck Quinton

FlightScope data from McNeill

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