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All Torque’d Up…

Still working here guys. I gave Alison a call for a little guidance on something and she has helped jog my memory on some things. First of all, a good backswing is so torque’d up that it would be impossible to hold that position at the top, or even get there in slow motion. I had lost some of that torque and she gave me something to work on during my takeaway that, along with some extension going back that I felt I was lacking, created a much better position at the top.

The capture from the left is from today and the middle pic is from yesterday. Of course, on the far right that’s “Big Daddy”, or Tiger Woods. You might notice some similarities that were absent yesterday. I looked like a goober at the top of my swing yesterday, but knew I could fix it with some more time. Today’s position is much more torque’d up, in fact, I couldn’t even get to this position in slow motion, I am forced to “swing” to this position with momentum and couldn’t hold it if I wanted to. The more I alter my biomechanics, the more it seems that Tiger is the only person using his body to maximum efficiency. Is that really a surprise?

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  1. ms

    I don’t know but the swing is looking eerily similar to big daddy’s

  2. That’s when you understand the true essence of biomechanics as it pertains to golf. The golf club and arms don’t really matter a whole let as to how they swing, it all revolves around the body. You can swing the club to some degree as a two planer or one, it really doesn’t matter, but the biomechanically correct body movements will look the same. And yes, they look exactly like Tiger’s.

  3. Marlon

    Chuck, in your coiled backswing, are you able to achieve more torque buy driving the BS with just the core and back with some resistance to to the hip turn? I also assume there is no “lifting” with the arms which can also result in an overturn. My problem has always been overturning resulting in slow tempo (1.2-1.3 seconds on SSR). Your comments please…

  4. Yes Marlon, I’m focusing on creating coil and tension in my core through the proper sequence of movement.

  5. AndyH

    Same problem as Marlon. Now I know why my 3/4 swings go just a far as full swings i.e. to halt my swing 3/4 at the “top” I have to use a lot of core hence creating torque. Whereas with my full swing don’t generate as much core tension and go “army” and so don’t create any more power. As Marlon mentioned I am now also turning my hips to keep a core tension ALL the way through the backswing. Are we on the right track?

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