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Home Chucks Quinton's Golf Swing Day 4 Progress Report – Golf Biomechanics and the Rotary Swing

Day 4 Progress Report – Golf Biomechanics and the Rotary Swing

Long day, I’m beat, but feel like I made great progess. After working on my swing with the camera for hours, I went to go hit some golf balls outside to see what was going on there. I hit it very straight, but not on the trajectory I’d like. It was a little floaty and not struck as solid, but you can’t expect anything different after such invasive surgery on a golf swing. I’d realistically expect to have ups and downs for the next month or so, but I’ll keep my playing light and just stay the course. It will be easier to stick with the changes when I’m not hung up on watching the ball flight, which makes this work perfect for you guys stuck up north in the cold. I promise we’ll have drills and videos coming up soon.

On a total positive note, I hit 126 mph twice today near the end of my range session. Again, I’m tired from a long day and my brain is pretty much “mush” right now, so I consider this great progress. My high on Monday was 123 mph I think and I only did that once, so this is a nice boost. My average was up a bit, right around 123, so that’s getting closer to my goal of 125 mph. This goal might be tough given how extensive the changes are, but I’ll keep trying. Overall, I consider today a great success and I learned a lot of new “feelings” in my swing that are heading me in the right direction.

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  1. hayes959

    This is fascinating how you have taken that CHS up about 10mph and maintaining it after a rather lengthy session.

  2. It’s good stuff, I’m learning to coil and uncoil in an entirely different sequence feeling totally different mucles before. It could be a combination that they just don’t tire out as quickly and that it’s just more efficient. I think that the first time I am comfortable with the changes and just warm up and go to the driver rather then hitting 500 balls first, it could be scary. McChicken hit 133 mph this winter with a 44.5″ driver, so that’s what I’m gunning for.

  3. secondary

    I watched all of the seminar last night, but I am a pretty dull boy, I didn’t see anything about these drills? This is something that was between you and Allison right? VERY interested in what you are saying,but I need a RS 2.0 for dummies version. Don’t know how I will do this while still playing though?

  4. Patience my friend, patience… When we get everything lined up between Alison and I, it will blow your mind and be unlike anything you have seen in golf instruction.

  5. secondary

    Alright then, I will keep chunking it around the course and work on the short game. So close to the 70′s I can’t stand it. Very willing to go backwards a bit though in order to have NO PAIN!

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