The TRUTHS About Golf Instruction Video Series

For those of you who have learned the Rotary Swing Tour, you’ve learned one incredibly invaluable thing; that it is based on medical fact and science rather than personal preference and theory. The simple truths of how the body was designed and engineered to create rotation around the spine, to generate speed and power are unarguable truths and that’s what the Rotary Swing Tour is all about.

Rather than being yet another fad swing theory, we looked at the golf swing from the inside out and asked the question, “If God were to come down and pick up a golf club and he was built exactly like us, how would he do it?” This driving question leads you down a path to objectivity. We don’t care how Tiger Woods swings a club if doesn’t move in this same fashion. We don’t care what has been published in golf instruction before. We only sought out the facts of human anatomy in complete objectivity with the help of orthopedic surgeons, biomechanics experts, learning experts and physical therapists.

The result was the Rotary Swing Tour of this cooperative effort and we’re now sharing these truths with the world via a video series on YouTube which we highly encourage you to watch. The first two episodes have been published and can be viewed below.

We hope this helps you along your path to golf instruction enlightenment!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Author: Chuck Quinton

Author: Chuck Quinton is the founder of Rotary Swing Golf, a biomechanical and physics based approach to learning a safe and powerful golf swing. He was the first to online golf lessons and developed the first online golf instruction website.

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