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How to Chip in Golf: How to Improve Chipping Distance Control

So Why is Distance Control Important?

One of the easiest ways to drop strokes off your golf game is through improving your chipping. The average 85 shooter is faced with 13 chips, pitches and putts per round. The quickest way to break into the 70’s is to improve your chipping distance control and improve your up and down percentage.

Distance control is the most important aspect of chipping. Think back to the last time you were faced with a difficult chip and did not get the desired result. Maybe you left the ball 15 feet away from the hole.

I would bet that you did not miss the chip 15 feet to the right or to the left. Most likely you were short or long of the hole.  That is why controlling distance is so crucial. That is where we all have the most room for improvement, and where we can drop strokes the fastest.

Take the Test

Grab 10 golf balls and head to the practice green.  Pick a shot roughly 50 feet from the hole on a fairly level lie. Hit 10 shots to the hole and map out your shots. You might find them to look something like this.

Notice how most balls miss short and long, but the direction of the shots are consistent.

You will notice that most of the balls that are farthest from the hole are both short and long. The distance the balls missed from left to right was insignificant.

If the speed was perfect on each shot, most of the remaining putts would be less than 2 feet.

How to Improve

We have a great drill to help you hone in on your chipping distance control. The “Ladder Drill” will have you chipping closer than ever in just a few practice sessions.

The key is to constantly observe the distance you hit each shot and adjust. Having a set target for the maximum distance of each shot is important to get the proper feedback as you practice your chipping.

To watch the “Ladder Drill” video click here.  Or for more information on how to perfect your golf swing, visit www.RotarySwing.com for over 2  ½ hours of free instruction.

We look forward to you joining our team.

Rotary Swing Instructor,

Clay Ballard

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