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Home Golf Instruction How to Chip Better in Golf: Perfect Your Technique with the Rotary Connect

How to Chip Better in Golf: Perfect Your Technique with the Rotary Connect

Have you ever been told you are too handsy when chipping?

Maybe you are flipping the club through impact? Have you been hitting your chips fat and thin?

You have most likely been given bad advice by a teaching professional, or playing partner that is leading to higher scores around the green.

In the last couple of videos we learned how having the proper setup and technique can help you shave strokes off your game from around the green.

Now you can learn how using a device that you most likely already have can make these moves seem simpler than ever.

The Rotary Connect!

I see people everyday give up strokes by using the improper chipping motion. The Rotary Connect will help you to use your arms and body as a unit and get rid of your flip forever.

The chipping backswing and full shot backswing are very similar. An easy mistake to make is to bend the right arm too early and over hinge the right wrist. This brings the club back too far to the inside and can lead to a lot of inconsistency.

With the Rotary Connect you can cure this by keeping some pressure on the inside of the cuff during the backswing.  This forces you to get a better shoulder turn and less arm action, resulting in a much more consistent stroke.

What about flipping? Well when you flip or “chicken wing” after impact your left arm is folding. With the Rotary connect securely fastened to your arms this will feel very unnatural. By keeping some pressure on the cuff with your left arm in the follow through you will eliminate your flip forever.

In fact it was just the other day I was working with a student that had a similar problem He was bending his right arm very early in the backswing, causing the club to go too far inside.

From there he was forced to get over active with the right wrist and flip through impact.

With just a few minutes training with the Rotary Connect his backswing position was much improved and the flip had all but disappeared.

So you can say goodbye to those thin and heavy shots, and look forward to winning a lot more money off your friends.

If you want to see the full video of how the Rotary Connect can make chipping simpler than you ever thought possible click here!


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