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Yesterday, it happened, the perfect golf shot…

Ok, I’ve hit a lot of “perfect” golf shots in my life, but this one was different. I’ve been working hard on making changes to my swing. I’ve changed my…. This is going to be a long list…

  1. My setup
  2. My grip
  3. My posture
  4. My knee flex
  5. My weight distribution
  6. My weight shift
  7. My takeaway
  8. My backswing
  9. My top of the swing
  10. My downswing
  11. My impact
  12. My release

This could go on for a while! As you can imagine, playing through this many changes in only 2 months is going to create some inconsistencies. I’ve shot between 68 and 78 and hit perfect shots that have been better than I’ve ever hit before and several slices that would have given Tiger Woods a run for his money. But yesterday, something clicked…

I recall the shot Tiger hit at Bayhill on Sunday on the 18th in 2008 to set up his winning putt. A 5 iron from only 164 yards that he called his best shot of the week. Mine was an 8 iron up the hill, slightly downwind and 154 yards to the flag. In that instant, everything that I have been working so hard on clicked. The backswing happened so fast that I was already transitioning back to the ball effortlessly with no conscious thought. The ball came off low and flew perfectly flat and lower than usual. My divot was perfectly on line with perfectly square edges from front to back and side to side.

It was the first swing in two months that I allowed myself to make at full speed with no conscious thought. No guiding things going back and no time for thoughts coming down. It was a perfect shot and a perfect swing that created the perfect ball flight that I lay awake at night and dream about. The shot ended up 10 feet from the hole, far from being a perfect result, but I couldn’t have cared less. Two months of hard work seems like a small price to pay to hit shots like that. While I didn’t another “perfect” one like that the rest of the round, I did hit several great shots and that’s all the motivation I need to keep up the hard work.

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  1. Rob Kramer(golfinatty)

    CQ-since my work with you this past year seeing you twice and hard work, I have hit more perfect shots per round than in my 30 prior years of better scoring but worse ball striking.

    I can relate to your joy as there is nothing like hitting a mid iron the perfect trajectory with no movement the exact distance and line which I labelled “silencer” (everyone in the group goes dead silent because the shot looks like it is going in!!!


  2. mship

    Chuck that is awesome. What a feeling that must be…what did impact sound like? Did it sound like a gunshot or what :-) Exciting things happening on the student side of the house as well!! This is awesome!!

  3. Magic

    WTG, Chuck!
    I know that you must have been thrilled. I shot like that makes all the hard work and effort worth it. It is knowing that one can hit shots like that, that keep one’s interest up in working to improve. There have been times during a round when I have been ready to call it quits and then I manage to pull off a shot that is exactly what I have envisioned and is exactly what the situation calls for. It is a fantastic feeling! Again, congrats on the shot and the improvement. Keep it up!

  4. hayes959

    Way to go, pro. I had that shot about a month ago. I was 162 yards to a back pin, into a breeze and it was a bit chilly. I was going to hit 6-iron and then said to myself, “let’s start playing one club less today.” I grabbed the 7-iron, and like your shot, it just happened and the ball rocketed straight and true and stuck pin high, 8ft. right.

    Then, I did it again last week. 210 yards, 48* and have to bend a 3-hybrid around a tree. Just stuck it to about 15ft.
    When it happens, it is a beautiful thing.
    Keep it comin’, bro.

  5. rayvil01

    That’s great stuff, Teacher. I’ve always appreciated the fact that you try the changes you promote on yourself first. Pretty rare in the industry.

    BTW, the list of things you DIDN’T change is probably a lot shorter. =)

  6. mship

    Good point Ray when was the last time anyone saw Butch Harmon swing a club?

    Also as far as things changing I will say that in theory not much has changed from 1.0 there are just answers to everything now.

  7. striker

    When I get back to the course next spring, I’ll be happy with consistently good shots.


    Nick Bradley wrote a book in 2005, “The Seven Laws of the Golf Swing” that teaches the laid off look at the top. The butt end of the club in this position is pointing at the target line.The toe or grip end always point to the target line during any point in the swing.I had a lesson several years ago where I was told the same thing, but was waylaid by reading to many books and magazines.

  9. jimc

    Did you make the putt?

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