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Golf Chat Live Transcript form August 29th, 2006

ChuckQuinton : Ok, we're going to go ahead and start here... I'm going to start by answering the questions posted on the forum and then we can move on to other topics. It may take some time to type the full response to some of your questions, so please be patient and everyone will be heard, err, seen.
ChuckQuinton : The first question was from Bob34 about reading grain on putts and chips, how much difference does it make and how to read it.
ChuckQuinton : Reading grain is really only a big issue in the south on bermuda greens. In most areas that have bent or tif-eagle, it is much less of an issue, but can still have an impact.
ChuckQuinton : I'm sure you've probably heard to go up and look at the cup and see if the grass is growing over the lip but if it is early in the day, there is little sun, it's cold etc. this will do little good.
ChuckQuinton : The best way to read grain is to walk around the hole and look from all different sides. It will quickly become apparent that looking in one direction the grass will appear much darker and the other direction much lighter and sort of shiny. The shiny view shows the grain is growing away from you.
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ChuckQuinton : This will indeed have a significant affect on putts in terms of both speed and break, so it is very important to learn to read the grain. The only way to know how to compensate for it is through recognizing it and practicing on it. In general, putts into the grain will be dramatically slower than putts straight down grain.
ChuckQuinton : Any other questions or input on reading grain?
gwlee7 : I ususally just look at the green,from the ball to around the hole and decide how water would flow if it was poured on it. The grain is secondary to that for me.
ChuckQuinton : that is a good way to determine slope and that can often times affect the grain as the grass will tend to grow in the direction the water flows if that slope is significant enough.
ChuckQuinton : any other questions or thoughts?
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ChuckQuinton : Ok, here is the next question posted by Bob34: What's a good way to incorporate mechanical changes needed for solid fundamentals without losing rythm
rjimeson1@co : I've often heard it said that the grain will grow toward water -- a posnd or a creek, but I've never found it to be always true.
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jymetalwood : Hi Guys, on the backswing I cant stop my hips from rotating away. Any suggestions as to how to brace my rear leg so the hips dont turn out. Joe
ChuckQuinton : rjimeson, I agree, it doesn't always hold true, the grass tends to grow in the direction of the sun more often than not but there are always times where the rules can be broken.
ChuckQuinton : jym, hold on to that question for just a second and I'll open it up for everyone's questions, thanks!
ChuckQuinton : Ok, back to Bob's question about making mechanical changes and losing rhythm and flow, this is a very significant question...
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ChuckQuinton : I'm sure most everyone has struggled with this at some point, the problem is multi-faceted, but the biggest thing that happens is that the dynamicism of the golf swing is lost as we focus on mechanical things.
ChuckQuinton : the brain only has so much processing power, it's much like a computer, and when we focus intently on something mechanical, we override other things in our swing that naturally happen when we aren't focused on something mechanical
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ChuckQuinton : that's why it's so important to split up your practice sessions, you can't just spend all day on technique and never get back in to the flow of just making swings to send the ball to the target
ChuckQuinton : The dynamics of the golf swing are FAR more important than the positions
ChuckQuinton : I hear this every time I talk to Adrian Wadey about our two swings. He constantly tells me how much better my positions are but his dynamics are incredible
ChuckQuinton : Adrian never looks at his swing and only practices technique that directly relates to what he feels, never what he sees
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ebsuomi : What do you mean by dynamics?
ChuckQuinton : This is pretty easy to do when you have a swing as good as his, but the truth of the matter is that he is dead right. My positions are much better throughout the swing, but his overall dynamics are far superior and because of that, he is a more consistently better golfer
ChuckQuinton : dynamics is a tough one to explain in typing, but I have plans to use some swings I filmed of Adrians last week and mine side by side for a video this month to explain it that way. In essence...
ChuckQuinton : it's the art of getting the body to flow throughout the swing, combining the movements subtly and blending the body motion with the arm swing, as well as getting the body to control the swing and move in one direction while the club, arms, etc can move in the opposite
Bob34 : sorry I'm late did I miss the answer to praciticing mechanics and keep ing flow?
ChuckQuinton : Yes Bob, but I will post a transcript up when we're done
Bob34 : cool thanks
bubbus910 : In the Swing Plane DVD I've noticed that Adrian used a little bit of a forward swing and then into backswing...in his practice swing. I've been using this and it has helped me alot...this seems to be part of his 'dynamics' for rhthym and flow. Is that the case?
ChuckQuinton : we're open for questions at this time
ChuckQuinton : bubbus, that's a great observation and is an excellent way to get the swing moving dynamically rather than being so static
ChuckQuinton : the amount of movement he has to start the swing is truly amazing
ChuckQuinton : anyone with questions?
ebsuomi : "blending the body motion with the arm swing" II have been trying to avoid the arm swing. is this wrong?
Bob34 : yeah...
jricci : Following up the dynamism thread, In "Golf is not a Game of Perfect", the author makes point that no more than half a practice session should be on mechanics, the last 1/2 or more should be dynamic practice with full out shots, no mechanical thoughts. Sounds like you agree with this approach?
ChuckQuinton : eb, no matter what swing you have, the arms have to swing and still work well with the body
gwlee7 : rhythm and flow are what's causing all of my issues. It's a mental thing for me. Chuck knows I can hit great shots 'cause he's seen me do it. this more of a comment than a question
ChuckQuinton : jricci, I do agree with Rotella on that. While there is no magic number as to how much time to devote, half is a great benchmark
Bob34 : I've been practicing in the bunker alot lately as well as chips from deep rough... doing well but occasionally get a case of the shanks, any ideas on what causes that?
ebsuomi : should I forget the arms?
ChuckQuinton : gw, perhaps the dynamics video I will be doing will help this, or go back and revisit the "what starts the swing" article
ChuckQuinton : bob34, sounds like you either have a setup issue where you may be standing too close to the ball at address or you could be swinging too much around and too much from the inside
ChuckQuinton : eb, the arms have to swing back behind your body during the backswing, so there is some work to be done there and they do need to get in a good position at the top, but once they are there, you can begin to fire with the body
Bob34 : maybe both...? I can be sure not to hit a shank by swinging more up
Bob34 : hmmm this is not working
ChuckQuinton : certainly could be both. Usually you will shank a chip from the rough by getting the hips moving into the ball too much
Bob34 : ahhh
ChuckQuinton : that's why setup is important
ChuckQuinton : a lot of amateur golfers get too "squatty" at address and this encourages the hips to move into the ball during the downswing rather than clear out of the way
ebsuomi : Is it all set up and then feel from there?
Bob34 : yeah, thanks as you know I dont need to sdquat much
ChuckQuinton : there is definitely technique involved, but feel is very important as well, as is setup. You can't ignore any piece over the other, they must all work together.
jricci : I shank when I come over the top with closed/closing club face in rough
ChuckQuinton : jymetalwood, I believe you had a question earlier?
jymetalwood : Yes, I have two problems, on my backswing, my hips and shoulders move together. I cant seem to brace the rear leg, to hold my hips from rotating back. I'll send the other one if we have time Joe
ebsuomi : Is lower body movement ok?
ChuckQuinton : Joe, if I'm not mistaken, you've had knee problems in the past and don't have the most flexibility. Are you able to keep your hips in place and turn your shoulders 90 degrees or so while standing without a golf club?
jymetalwood : Yes, when I sit on a ferro ball, I can turn my shoulders and keep my hips ahead Joe
ChuckQuinton : lower body movement is fine, but a complex topic as it varies dramatically from golfer to golfer and goes back to the dynamics of that particular golfer's swing. In general, keeping the lower body more quiet makes solid contact easier for the average golfer.
bird-d : Is right wrist bow at impact to post-impact a flaw?
jymetalwood : Yes I can
ChuckQuinton : If you are unable to keep your hips from moving in the golf swing, you may need to just work with it in your swing. It does require some strength in the lower body to coil up against the hips while turning the shoulders. Flexibility is important as well, but one of the things in your swing that is lacking is a dynamic loading of the body
ChuckQuinton : bird-d, are asking if the right wrist has fully released at impact vs. still being bent back?
bird-d : i don't know. A I get the sensation that when I hit what I consider good shots i feel the right wrist bowing. Is that a full release?
ChuckQuinton : if the right hand has released too early, it could be bent forward, or bowing and this is not desirable. It takes away the ability to really compress the ball and hit down and virtually assures you that you will have no way of controlling trajectory. Most shots will come out high and weak and with less speed than if you keep the right wrist cupped back at impact.
pflowing : In a 2PS, I've been taught to control the distance on my short shots (100 yards in) with the position of my hands and arms (1/2, 3/4 swings, etc)...I find that when using the OPS, it's hard to control the distance on my short shots if I swing at any speed less than 80. How can I control distance on my short shots using the OPS?
ChuckQuinton : pflowing, have you seen the short game DVD? We talk specifically about these shots in the video. In essence, you can still swing your arms to 9 o'clock etc. to control distance and hit more with your body. It comes down to learning how to swing the club on the proper arc for these half shots which is not as far inside and around as in a full shot.
pflowing : Ok, definitely gotta check out the DVD then. Thanks.
ChuckQuinton : any other questions?
bob34 : I have one more if I may?
ChuckQuinton : absolutely, feel free
bob34 : I'd like to be able to hit the driver with a bit more boring trajectory...
bob34 : other than changing drivers what can I do?
ChuckQuinton : what driver are you using and what shaft?
bob34 : TM R5 tour preferred label from van said face is 9.2 with diamana 83 s shaft
ChuckQuinton : cool, that should be a good stick
ChuckQuinton : there are several things, first is ball position, do you play the ball well up in your stance to "catch it on the upswing"?
bob34 : I play it more toward the logo on my shirt seam
ChuckQuinton : the ball position should be just inside your left shoulder, where you have it is fine
ChuckQuinton : tell me a little more about your ball flight as it is right now and what you feel or see in your swing.
bob34 : it's pretty straight with maybe a bit of fade but...
bob34 : I can pull it and hit it lower but I cant it hit straight and lwer...
bob34 : lower
ChuckQuinton : is the launch pretty high and does it balloon or fly pretty level?
bob34 : launch angle is high doesn't really balloon just no roll when it lands
ChuckQuinton : ok, perfect, my answer for you is two words:
ChuckQuinton : GET LEFT
bob34 :
gwlee7 : Chuck I have seen Bob hit a driver and it is definately "boring"
bob34 :
bob34 : I'm going to have to work on getting left w/o pulling it....
ChuckQuinton : Not swing left, but get your weight to your left side. I would be at impact you are hanging too much back on your right side and have not gotten fully onto your left side which creates the ball flight you describe. When you get left, you are pulling it, when you hang back, you get the weak high fade you describe.
gwlee7 : What do you mean by get left? The drill?
ChuckQuinton : Exactly.
ChuckQuinton : No GW, getting his weight fully set onto his left side so he can feel like his chest on top of the ball at impact rather than hanging back.
bob34 : ahhhh
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ChuckQuinton : Even with the driver, feel more like you are hitting down on the ball and you will get the results you are seeking.
bob34 : Cool thanks much...
ChuckQuinton : You're very welcome.
pflowing : Ideal ball position for 3W off the deck?
gwlee7 : an entirely different can of worms from my tendencies then. I am too much "left" already
ChuckQuinton : pflowing, in general, ball position doesn't move back much from just inside the left shoulder, perhaps a ball back from that or so. The key is having the ball in a spot that allows you hit down on it, even with the 3 wood off the deck. If you tend to hang back, to compensate you'll need the ball furhter back in your stance.
ChuckQuinton : gw, are you saying you have too much weight on your left side at impact?
gwlee7 : no, still a set up issue from way back when I saw you in Florida. YOu needed me to get more "centered" and I still revert to setting up w/too much weight on left side at address
ChuckQuinton : ok, gotcha.
ChuckQuinton : any more questions?
gwlee7 : fundamentals are the key and then just hit hte fraking ball LOL
pflowing : Ideal ball position for 3W off the deck?
ChuckQuinton : pflowing, did you not see my answer above?
pflowing : sorry got disconnected
ChuckQuinton : pflowing, in general, ball position doesn't move back much from just inside the left shoulder, perhaps a ball back from that or so. The key is having the ball in a spot that allows you hit down on it, even with the 3 wood off the deck. If you tend to hang back, to compensate you'll need the ball furhter back in your stance.
pflowing : cool. thanks.
ChuckQuinton : sure
bob34 : Thaks for doing this Chuck...
ChuckQuinton : your welcome! I will post the transcript shortly after we're done.
ChuckQuinton : If there are no more questions, we'll call it a night...


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