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Where are the Bruce Lee's of Golf?

Bruce Lee was not only a great, passionate teacher of Kung Fu, he was also his best student. Bruce didn't just tell his students how to punch, he demonstrated at full speed with perfect form. How many golf instructors are like Bruce Lee when it comes to teaching the golf swing? You wouldn't learn Kung Fu from someone who couldn't punch, why would you learn golf from someone who can't swing?

Apparently, golf is the only sport where being capable of doing what you teach is not a prerequisite for being considered an expert. Oddly enough, golf has more glorified so-called experts than most any other sport. You see and hear them every week on TV and in magazines, telling you another tip on how to improve your game, yet very few of these guys can break 80 two days in a row.

Shouldn't a teacher's merit be measured on both how well he can perform as well as well he can teach? Or is the old saying true, "Those that can, do, and those that can't, teach." I think the most entertaining golf tournament of the year would be one that pitted golf instructors against each other in a four day event. The golfing world would be shocked to realize that the teachers they are paying thousands of dollars to each year have swings that don't look much better than theirs do and shoot about the same scores they do, or worse.



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