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Home Golf Instruction Golfers Receive Unlimited Online Golf Lessons from RotarySwing.com’s Certified Instructors for Less than the Cost of One In-person Lesson

Golfers Receive Unlimited Online Golf Lessons from RotarySwing.com’s Certified Instructors for Less than the Cost of One In-person Lesson

RotarySwing.com’s Latest Innovation, Online Learning Groups, Bridges the Gap Between Its Twenty-plus Hours of Online Golf Instruction Videos and In-person Lessons by Offering One Low Monthly Payment for Unlimited Online Golf Lessons with a Certified Instructor.

Windermere, FL | September 16, 2010 — Last week, RotarySwing.com launched a new feature called Online Learning Groups. At its core, this feature allows a golfer to easily submit videos, pictures, and questions to Rotary Swing Tour Certified Instructors and receive feedback about how to improve. While others in the industry offer similar online golf lessons, what sets the Groups concept apart are three additional benefits: unlimited instruction for less than the cost of one traditional lesson, a library of more than 20 hours of online golf instruction videos to support the process, and an ability to learn from peer group members.

The concept was originally proposed by one of the website’s members, Ray Wyvill, as a way to provide ongoing review of swing changes, monitoring that bad habits don’t creep back in and ensuring continual progression. Wyvill’s inspiration came from something his father told him about the one-room schools prevalent decades ago.

This is how Wyvill remembered his father’s words: “He said, ‘The best school I was ever in was the one-room school when I was a kid. More learning went on there than in any other school environment I ever saw. You’d be there working on something, the older kids would be working on what you’d get next, and the young kids were providing you with constant review.’”

RotarySwing.com’s Online Learning Groups are setup to foster this sort of 360-degree learning as students learn directly from instructors, by observing the instruction provided to other students, and by jumping in and helping their peers with an issue they’ve already tackled.

The economics of the group concept helps golfers get better at an affordable price. While in-person lessons typically range from $40 to $200 each and one standard online lesson can go for $30 or more, Online Learning Groups provide value by pairing unlimited online golf lessons with a price tag of $29.95 per month.

“In-person lessons offer some obvious advantages,” RotarySwing.com founder Chuck Quinton said. “But there are also some major drawbacks, including the price, which is on everyone’s mind these days because of the economy. With an Online Learning Group, for example, you’ll get expert help with a swing issue, and then you can have that re-checked a week later and even ask for some new advice a week after that…all for only $29.95. Compare that to in-person lessons, where you’ve just racked up three full lesson charges, probably totaling $200 or more.”

The feature’s success, though, will ultimately be determined by the experience of the group members. The results are extremely positive so far, based on feedback from those who took part in the pilot group the past three months.

“This is an experience like no other; you can post your swing and have members and an instructor critique it,” said pilot group member Steve Dodson. “This ensures your work on each move is done correctly, and if you’re applying this move correctly in your full swing. If you’re not a member, you’re missing out.”

More information about RotarySwing.com’s Online Learning Groups can be found here:http://www.rotaryswing.com/online-golf-lessons/learning-groups-home.php.

Free and Premium Membership details are available at http://www.rotaryswing.com/golf-instruction/membership_info.php.

About Rotary Swing Golf

Rotary Swing Golf, LLC, was founded in 2006 by golf professional Chuck Quinton and is one of the world’s leading providers of subscription-based online golf instruction via RotarySwing.com, OnePlaneGolfSwing.com, and RotaryGolfSwing.com. These websites offer more than 180 instructional videos, totaling 20-plus hours of content, much of it available in high definition and on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. In addition, Rotary Swing Golf’s websites offer a podcast, golf training aids, online golf lessons, an active forum with nearly 5000 members, and club fittings. Quinton has authored two books: The Rotary Swing golf instruction book that has sold thousands of copies worldwide and the Rotary Swing Tour Instructor Certification Manual – Level 1. He has also produced the golf instruction DVDs Swing Plane Made Simple and Short Game Made Simple. More recently, Quinton founded the Rotary Swing Golf Academy at Sugarloaf Mountain near Orlando, Florida, and was the Teaching Professional at Castle Pines Golf Club in Colorado during 2009.

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This release went out via PRWeb.com on 8/6/2010.  You can find the PRWeb version here.

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