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Ball Flight Teachers

In the world of golf instruction, there are basically two different types of teachers – ball flight teachers and method teachers. As someone who has spent years researching and developing the golf swing, it should come as no surprise that I fall in to the latter as a method teacher. RST is a method based on science, primarily the science of anatomy and human movement. It has parameters and “laws” if you will that are in place to guide you along the path and keep you from injuring yourself and developing bad habits.

A ball flight teacher only has the laws of ball flight to guide you along the way. For instance, if you slice, the ball flight teacher may have 5 or more different ways to fix your problem. All of these “fixes” can typically be called “band-aid” fixes because they only address symptoms of poor mechanics rather than the cause. As an example, imagine the golfer who doesn’t make a full shoulder turn and so he lifts his arms very steep to the top of the backswing and then hacks down from the top with only his arms; thus producing an over the top swing plane and out to in path. The ball flight teacher may fix this by having the golfer strengthen his grip to square the clubface to the path to create a pull. No doubt, this is better than a slice, but we haven’t addressed the root cause of the problem.

An RST golf instructor would look at this problem completely differently. The first thing we would do is teach the golfer what is causing his path and plane issues, which, in this case is the lack of body rotation which adds depth to the swing. Next, we would teach the golfer exactly HOW to turn, using the correct muscles. From there, the golfer would immediately see himself in positions he has never achieved and is now on the pathway to LASTING change and improvement.

We don’t do band-aids, we teach you how to move correctly. We fix the problem, not the symptom. Proper movements create a proper plane, path, impact position, etc. Chasing after ball flight problems without fixing faulty movement patterns is no different than a doctor that treats a compound fracture by putting a band-aid over it rather than resetting the bone. If you want lasting improvement and change in your game, stop putting band-aids on it and avoid ball flight instructors because you’ll end up having to go back again and again to apply new band-aids as the old ones “fall off”.

Of course, it should be made clear that I’m not saying ball flight is unimportant. It is very important. I’m simply saying the reason golfers haven’t improved over the past 50 years is because instruction hasn’t ever addressed the root cause of the problem. The truth of the matter is that ball flight is EASY to fix once the basic proper movement patterns have been established, which is exactly what RotarySwing.com is all about. We teach people via our online learning system HOW to create this basic, very simple movement patterns that you can see below in my swing:

Chuck Quinton Golf Swing

In the video of my swing above, you can see that my movements are very simple, very efficient, and if you compared my swing to that of Tiger Woods, you’d see striking similarity (for the comparison, click Build the Golf Swing of Your Dreams). The reason is that Tiger and I both move very efficiently and that movement is based on very basic anatomy and physics. When I hit a bad shot, say a cut shot, I don’t go and try and flip the face or strengthen my grip on the next swing, that would be manic constantly chasing after one fix or another! No, I simply look at the basic movement that created that shot. For me, if I hit a cut shot, I know I pulled too much with the left shoulder coming down and I have several drills, all of which are on the website, to correct the faulty movement. Therefore, I drill the correct movement for the next shot and correct the problem, thus fixing the symptom of the bad ball flight.

It’s the only way that makes ANY sense to learn the golf swing whatsoever. If you’re tired of bouncing from golf tip to golf tip that are all symptom based, get with the program – the Rotary Swing Tour Program and start progressing like all those in these testimonials.

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