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Home Golf Instruction Learning Proper Weight Shift…from a Frisbee?

Learning Proper Weight Shift…from a Frisbee?

Rotary Swing students must have a firm understanding of one of the key goals of the swing model, to utilize a proper right to left weight shift (for righties) just as we would in any other throwing or hitting sport.  Most amateur golfers underestimate the importance of this simple yet critical step in the golf swing.  You could have the best takeaway in the world, but if you are hitting the ball off your back foot, you are doomed to struggle.

A great way to gain a deeper understanding of proper weight shift would to be to grab a Frisbee and head into your backyard.

When we examine my fine Frisbee form, you can see the kinetic sequence as it evolves.  I begin by twisting my torso opposite the direction of the throw.  The rotation of my torso turning pulls my hips around as my weight transfers into my rear ankle joint.  My weight now shifts into my front heel as the front foot plants.  Once planted, my hips begin to rotate causing my upper body to lag behind.  I continue my pivot, and my right arm begins to extend and the disk is propelled out of my hand as the shoulders and arm are pulled through with maximum power, speed, and extension.  Does this chain of events look familiar to anyone?  We can learn many lessons from a simple Frisbee toss, but the take home message that you can apply to your golf swing is simply this, in order to maximize your efficiency, you need to learn to utilize a proper weight shift.  My power was produced by loading into my trailing side, and transferring my weight back to the leading side.  My first move down was to transfer my weight into my front heel and unwind my hips.  At no time did I attempt to use my small muscles in my arms and shoulders to propel the disk forward.  It would not work well with a Frisbee, and its works even less efficiently with a golf club in your hands.

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  1. check

    I caught a show on the Versus channel pretty late at night last weekend and they had a 30 minute show on Frisbee distance throwing. These guys were killing it..almost violent actually. The balance and weight transfer were really remarkable. Really a good model for centrifugal/centripetal forces.

  2. Check,

    I hope they replay that show because the movement and weight shift would be fascinating to watch! I found this simple exercise to be quite enlightening about the feeling of creating a proper weight shift.

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