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Jose Maria has always been known as a great iron player but a golfer who struggled with consistency off the tee. In this video, I talk about Ollie's swing and the tendencies that his swing traits cause in his ball flight. His swing is set up very well for iron play but taking the driver back this shut and keeping as much weight on the lead leg as Jose does tends to cause a golfer to struggle off the tee. Unfortunately, it doesn't just lead to missing shots in one direction with the driver either. A shut clubface, little body rotation at impact and keeping the weight more forward can cause pulls for a lot of golfers, but when a golfer senses the ball is about to go left, he can make compensations mid swing and hold the face open causing the ball to go in the opposite direction. "Military golf" is the result with the ball going both directions off the tee.



Jose Maria Olazabal setupJose Maria Olazabal takeawayJose Maria Olazabal backswing

Jose Maria Olazabal's Takeaway

Jose has a great address position, good spine tilt, nothing too radical here, arms hanging pretty freely. He has his weight a bit more toward his heels which puts his arms a little more outstretched than more hanging down. This address position, where the shin bones, or the lower half of the legs are more vertical shifts the rear further out past the heels and encourages a steeper spine angle.

As he completes his takeaway, the club is "looking at the ball" and never gets behind his hands. He has not pulled his arms in dramatically to his body nor overly swung them around by pulling his right arm behind his body.

Halfway back, the clubface is still looking at the ball, a shut position. Note how much his right leg has straightened and his head has started to move down closer to the ball. This move allows him to increase his spine angle and achieve a feeling of being more on top of the ball and supports his flatter arm swing at the top.

Jose Maria Olazabal one plane backswing downswingprofessional golfer impact



At the top he's in a very good position ready to rotate through, a very solid one plane position at the top. He tends to get the club a little steep on the way down, which you can see in the middle picture, the club above his right forearm. Ideally, you'd like to see it through the right forearm at this point to avoid pulled shots and compensations.


At impact, he's pretty square and has released his arms pretty aggressively right from the top. This has caused the pulled shot as he "forgot his ABT's". He stopped turning here and that is the type of shot you should expect, shots that start left and can continue going more left.


follow through full swing


Follow Through

You can see the ball has already started offline just after impact. He hit three balls on this hole during the practice round and all three missed the green left by several yards.



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