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2006 Golf Ball Review
Hogan Hawk

by Chuck Quinton

The second round of golf I played with the Hogan Hawk. Conditions weren't ideal, the fairways were soaked so there was no run and that cost the ball distance. The ball stayed true to the initial tests and was also shorter off the irons and dramatically shorter on mishits than the first ball tested, the Top Flite Straight. This ball was much more penalizing on bad drives and irons shots due to the spin. This ball spins more than other ball tested, I even backed the ball up several feet out of the wet rough. On short iron shots the ball spun back significantly and when you combine this with a ball that already flies shorter, you can bank on coming up short more often than not. At least it kept me below the hole, but left me with much longer putts than I expected.


Putting and chipping with the ball is excellent, and since I only hit 10 greens with it, I got to do this a LOT. The ball comes off short chips with just the right amount of spin, if not slightly too much and is easily controlled, even out of long rough. Around the greens this ball is a star, which is a good thing because you will miss more greens with it on mishits. I missed 8 greens with the ball but got up and down 7 out of 8 times.


I really could tell a significant difference on all full shots compared to the Top Flite. I missed the extra distance on the drives and lower spin on the irons that created a straighter ball flight. This ball is extremely easy to maneuver but will but you in the rear when you miss. Given the amount of spin the ball creates, I didn't care for the ball much at all and felt that I could have shot a little better score had I not been penalized on my bad shots quite as bad. I see no reason for anyone to play this ball unless you are very skilled at working the ball and play a very tight course with firm greens and deep rough. Or, I guess you could play this ball if you were obsessed with spinning the ball back, but that's really pointless.



Golf Ball
Avg. Driving Distance
Hogan Hawk
275 yards
A ball that loves to spin off every club in the bag. Noticably shorter than other balls in the test due to the spin. Has a very soft feel and is a top performer around the greens and can easily be curved around the course. Not the straightest or most forgiving ball in the world on bad shots so it's no friend of mine. Also managed to cut the cover on some full short iron shots. Not as bad as other premium balls but you would have to take the ball out of play.


copyright 2006 Quinton Holdings


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