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Rotary Swing Tour - Anatomical Absolutes of Golf
Golf Biomechanics Home Page 1. RST Overview 2. Use of the Hips and Core - Driver Swing 3. Biomechanically Correct Golf Setup and Balance 4. Functional Squat and One Legged Exercises 5. Functional Bridge Exercises 6. Inner Thigh/Hip Exercise 7. Back Stabilizer Exercise 8. Push vs. Pull 9. Golf Core Rotation Exercises 10. Golf Swing Weight Shift - Part 1 11. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Right - Part 2 12. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Left - Part 3 13. Sean O'Hair - Rotary Swing Tour 14. Common Swing Faults Caused by Setup 15. The Takeaway in the Golf Swing 16. Understanding Shoulder Elevation 17. The Role of the Right Arm in the Takeaway 18. Posture's Affect on the Takeaway 19. Golf Instruction - Muscle Activation 20. Tiger Woods Biomechanics 21. Move 2 - Completing the Backswing 22. Move 3 - The Golf Downswing 23. Creating a Golf Swing Plane 24. Effects of Bad Ball Position 25. 9 to 3 Drill 26. Move 4 - The Follow Through 27. Common Faults in the Follow Through 28. Tiger Woods - Getting Stuck - Downswing 29. Throw the Ball Drill 30. Right Arm Only - Downswing Drill
Rotary Swing Fundamentals
1. Golf Swing Fundamentals Home 2. Athletic Address Position 3. Body Movement 4. The Arms in the Golf Swing 5. Golf Spine Angle 6. Golfswing Takeaway 7. Proper Golf Grip 8. Golf Swing Rhythm Drill 9. Starting the Swing 10. Proper Divot 11.Forearm/Shaft Alignment 12. Head Behind the Ball 13. Golf Swing Wrist Hinge & Cock 14. Hip Turn 15. Hip Rotation Through Impact 16. Takeaway Chin Line 17. Passive Arms in the Golf Swing 18. Biomechanically Shorten Backswing 19. Rotation vs. Tilting Shoulders 20. Golf Swing Transition Bump
Rotary Golf Swing Drills
1. Golf Swing Drills Home 2. Body Drill 3. Impact Bag 4. Divots Left Tee Drill 5. Golf Baseball Swings 6. Broom Drill 7. One Leg Drill 8. Headcover Drill 9. Foam Roller Drill 10. Ben Hogan Pane of Glass 11. Shaft Plane Drill 12. Slide the Shaft Drill 13. 9 o'clock Swing Plane 14. Rotary Drill 15. Penetrating Flight Drill 16. In to Out Tee Drill 17. Neck Tie Drill 18. Bucket Drill for Synchronization 19. Lag Drill - Improve Your Golf Swing
Faults and Fixes
1. Faults & Fixes Home 2. Understanding Your Misses 3. Fixing a Hook 4. Fixing a Slice 5. Hitting Fat 6. Hitting Thin 7. Shots off the Toe 8. Shots off the Heel - Shanking 9. Left Side Breakdown 10. Pulled Shots - Student Analysis 11. Slicing 12. Coming Too Far From the Inside
Advanced Technique
1. Advanced Technique Home 2. Impact vs Address 3. Fade vs Draw 4. Hitting a Draw 5. Hitting a Fade 6. Hit It Low 7. Hit It High 8. Tiger Woods 2 Iron Stinger 9. Driver off the Deck 10. The Three Releases 11. Pinky Grip 12. Arms vs Body Release
Rotary Hitter
1. Rotary Hitter Intro 2. Impact Position 3. Chip Stroke 4. Hitter Backswing 5. Shoulder Turn and Right Arm Throwing Motion 6. Hitter Takeaway 7. Hitter vs Swinger 8. Right Hand Pressure Point w/ the Pure Ball Striker
Two Plane
Two Plane Swing
Rotary Golf Learning Series
Golf Impact Video Series
1. Swinging Over the Top 2. Flat Left Wrist 3. Driver vs. Irons at Impact 4. Impact Fix Drill 5. Importance of Proper Grip
Bomb Your Driver Series
1. Bomb Your Driver Home Page 2. Ball Speed 3. Clubface Roll 4. Driver Sweetspot 5. Optimum Ball Launch Angle 6. Driver Golf Ball Spin Rate 7. Increase Clubhead Speed with More Lag! 8. Tiger Woods Most Inefficient Driver on PGA Tour 9. Driver Head Center of Gravity Design
Performance Putting Series
1. Hand Dominance in the Putting Stroke 2. Understanding Face Angle 3. The Pendulum Putting Stroke
Short Game
1. Forearm Shaft Alignment 2. Putting Distance Control 3. Putting Shaft Drill 4. Putting Acceleration Drill 5. Putting Hand Dominance 6. Face Angle in the Putting Stroke 7. Pendulum Putting Stroke 8. Putting Fitting - Shaft Length and Setup
Wedge Play
1. Short Game Home 2. Penetrating Wedge Shots 3. Downhill Bunker Shots 4. Uphill Bunker Shots 5. Long Bunker Shots 6. 30 Yard Shots 7. Spinning Chip Shots 8. Sandwedge Bounce
Mental Game
Mushin Golf
1. Mental Game Home 2. Introduction 3. Taking it to the Course 4. 10 Mental Principals 5. Confidence 6. You Are An Athlete 7. Spring Golf 8. Ultimate Destroyer 9. How To Practice 10. Developing a Mental Putting Routine
Course Management
1. Ball Control 2. Play Par 5's Smart
Golf Instruction
1. Rotary Swing Golf Academy 2. In Person w/ Chuck Quinton 3. Driver Fittings 4. Demo Matrix Shafts and Nakashima Heads 5. Online Golf Lessons 6. Flightscope Kudu Launch Monitor at RSGA
Golf Equipment
1. Properly Fit Shafts 2. 2006 Golf Ball Review 3. Using a Launch Monitor 4. Sandwedge Bounce Angle 5. Flightscope Kudu Launch Monitor at RSGA 6. Demo a Matrix Driver Shaft! 7. Eyeline Golf Putting Plane
Professional Swings
Pro Golf Swing Sequences Home Ben Hogan
1. Ben Hogan's Swing 2. Ben Hogan's Shoulder Plane 3. Ben Hogan's Swing Face On 4. Ben Hogan's Swing Down the Line5. Ben Hogan - Reverse Pivot? 6. Ben Hogan's Address Position
Tiger Woods
1. Tiger Woods Swing Dynamics 2. Tiger Woods New Swing with Hank Haney 3. Tiger Woods Address 4. Tiger Woods Takeaway 5. Tiger Woods Backswing 6. Tiger Woods Downswing & Impact 7. Tiger Woods Most Inefficient Driver on PGA Tour
Chuck Quinton
1. Quinton 6 Iron Down the Line 2. 6 Iron Face On 3. Driver Face On 4. Driver Down the Line 5. Chuck Quinton DTL Analysis 6. Quinton Face On Swing Analysis 7. TaylorMade Performance Lab
Paul Dickinson Stuart Appleby Ernie Els Golf Swing DTL Ernie Els Grip Jose Maria Olazabal Annika Sorenstam Peter Jacobsen Sam Snead Adrian Wadey Face On Adrian Wadey Down the Line Tyler Aldridge 2007 PGA Tour Qualifying School
Member's Swings
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Golf Fitness
1. Golf Fitness Exercises 2. Hitting with Your Core 3. Balance on Swiss Ball 4. Golf Fitness Bridge Exercise 5. Stretching the Core 6. Advanced Leg Exercises 7. Intermediate Let Exercises 8. Losing Spine Angle in Golf Swing
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Golf Tips & Info
1. One Plane vs. Two Plane Swing 2. One Plane Swing in Depth 3. Model Golf vs. One Plane 4. My Swing Philosophy 5. List of One Plane/Rotary Swing Instructors 6. Golf Chat Live Transcript 7. Golf Blog 8. Analyzing Golf Ball Flight 9. Stop Casting the Club 10. Causes of a Slice 11. Core Performance Golf 12. Efficiency of Movement 13. Fred Couples Golf Swing 14. Releasing the Golf Club 15. Hank Haney's Swing with Tiger Woods 16. Iron Shaft Survey 17. Key Components to Hardy's Swing 18. Losing Spine Angle 19. Mixing One and Two Plane Swing Fundamentals 20. Mushin Golf 21. Passive vs. Active Arms 22. Problem with Jim Hardy's Swing 23. Secret of Clubhead Lag 24. Right Arm in Golf Swing 25. Stuart Appleby's Golf Swing Video 26. Clubface Angle Video 27. Tiger Woods New Swing

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Tiger Woods 2 iron stinger

Tiger Woods 2 Iron Stinger

Watch the introduction to the Tiger Woods 2 Iron Stinger video from the Members Vault. The actual instructional clip is 13 minutes long. The full length video can be purchased in the Video Store.

Chuck Quinton 7 iron

7 Iron Down the Line

Watch a one plane swing in action, Chuck Quinton hitting a 7 iron. This video can be purchased in the Video Store.