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Rotary Swing Tour - Anatomical Absolutes of Golf
Golf Biomechanics Home Page 1. RST Overview 2. Use of the Hips and Core - Driver Swing 3. Biomechanically Correct Golf Setup and Balance 4. Functional Squat and One Legged Exercises 5. Functional Bridge Exercises 6. Inner Thigh/Hip Exercise 7. Back Stabilizer Exercise 8. Push vs. Pull 9. Golf Core Rotation Exercises 10. Golf Swing Weight Shift - Part 1 11. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Right - Part 2 12. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Left - Part 3 13. Sean O'Hair - Rotary Swing Tour 14. Common Swing Faults Caused by Setup 15. The Takeaway in the Golf Swing 16. Understanding Shoulder Elevation 17. The Role of the Right Arm in the Takeaway 18. Posture's Affect on the Takeaway 19. Golf Instruction - Muscle Activation 20. Tiger Woods Biomechanics 21. Move 2 - Completing the Backswing 22. Move 3 - The Golf Downswing 23. Creating a Golf Swing Plane 24. Effects of Bad Ball Position 25. 9 to 3 Drill 26. Move 4 - The Follow Through 27. Common Faults in the Follow Through 28. Tiger Woods - Getting Stuck - Downswing 29. Throw the Ball Drill 30. Right Arm Only - Downswing Drill
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The Rotary Swing Book

by Chuck Quinton

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Welcome to the Rotary Swing Golf Academy. Below you will find information about our Academy locations, services and rates. We offer individual golf lessons, golf schools, clinics, playing lessons and equipment fittings at our world class practice area located at the newest private golf club in central Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain. This golf course is unlike ANYTHING you have seen or even dreamed of in Florida! With elevation changes of 250 feet, you will think you are the mountains of North Carolina. "The first time I played the course, I thought I was back home in Colorado with such massive elevation changes and breathtaking views across Lake Apopka and all the way to downtown Orlando," said Chuck Quinton upon first visiting Sugarloaf.


The private instruction area of the range is reserved for the RSGA and gives you as a student access to a phenomenal driving range with new Callaway golf balls, multiple target greens with bunkers and numerous flags for short iron work. Not to mention the views looking down the hill from the range! While doing a driver fitting, you will have the luxury of hitting REAL golf balls, either Titleist or TaylorMade balls at your discretion. As a student, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to play this private course. With massive elevation changes unlike anything in Orlando, you will be blown away from your very first tee shot. The course is a Crenshaw and Coore design that features virtually no rough with all the areas around the greens being tightly mown similar to Augusta National. In fact, the 13th hole is very similar to the 10th at Augusta. At 507 yards, this par 4 will leave you 2 or 3 clubs less into the green then what you would normally hit due to the elevation drop from tee to green.


Contact or call 407-729-1889 to setup your next golf lesson



Individual Lessons