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Rotary Swing Tour - Anatomical Absolutes of Golf
Golf Biomechanics Home Page 1. RST Overview 2. Use of the Hips and Core - Driver Swing 3. Biomechanically Correct Golf Setup and Balance 4. Functional Squat and One Legged Exercises 5. Functional Bridge Exercises 6. Inner Thigh/Hip Exercise 7. Back Stabilizer Exercise 8. Push vs. Pull 9. Golf Core Rotation Exercises 10. Golf Swing Weight Shift - Part 1 11. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Right - Part 2 12. Golf Swing Weight Shift - To the Left - Part 3 13. Sean O'Hair - Rotary Swing Tour 14. Common Swing Faults Caused by Setup 15. The Takeaway in the Golf Swing 16. Understanding Shoulder Elevation 17. The Role of the Right Arm in the Takeaway 18. Posture's Affect on the Takeaway 19. Golf Instruction - Muscle Activation 20. Tiger Woods Biomechanics 21. Move 2 - Completing the Backswing 22. Move 3 - The Golf Downswing 23. Creating a Golf Swing Plane 24. Effects of Bad Ball Position 25. 9 to 3 Drill 26. Move 4 - The Follow Through 27. Common Faults in the Follow Through 28. Tiger Woods - Getting Stuck - Downswing 29. Throw the Ball Drill 30. Right Arm Only - Downswing Drill
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by Chuck Quinton

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2007 Quinton Golf Student Highlights on PGA Tour
The following is a list of some of Chuck Quinton's students highlights who played professionally for the 2007 season.


Blake Adams
"When I first started working with Blake, he had a severe in to out move that shaped all shots from right to left and lead to the occassional big block to the right. We worked on several things in his swing before the 2007 season started to get the ball to start online and with zero curvature. We were so successful in the changes that Blake become one of the longest, straightest hitters on the Nationwide Tour in 2007." - Chuck Quinton

Blake Adams 2007 Key Stats
3rd in Overall Driving
17th in Overall Ball Striking
22nd in Driving Distance (Averaged 303 yards off the tee)
Longest Drive: 362 yards

Tyler Aldridge
"After I Monday qualified into the Utah Open, I was paired with Tyler Aldridge and we played two rounds together. Tyler liked the things he saw in my swing and started asking some questions. After he failed to make the cut, he asked if I would take a look at him and the rest is history. We worked together at the 2007 PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament and after making a couple changes to Tyler's swing, he immediately went out and hit all 14 fairways and 17 of 18 greens in the fifth round and secured his playing privileges with full status on the NationWide Tour for 2008." - Chuck Quinton

Tyler will be playing his first year on tour in 2008 after successfullying completing all 3 stages of the 2007 PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament



Paul Dickinson
"Paul and I really spent a lot of time developing his mental game and working on his ability to consistently be in the moment on every shot. I used the "Mushin Golf" techniques and philosophy that I have developed and teach to others on the website to help Paul discover and play at his highest potential. We are very lucky to now have Paul as an instructor on our site at " - Chuck Quinton

Paul Dickinson 2007 Key Stats
Shot course record 64 at the South Georgia Classic on the Nationwide Tour and finished tied for 13th
Won numerous professional golf tournaments on the mini-tour circuit
Carries a +5 handicap






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